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Felling of 150 year old fig tree huge loss randwick councillors in the process of discussing the future of the community are to be congratulated for their courageous move, the local council will not lose money.

"This has nothing to do with budget considerations and we will not be changing the number of trees planted by the locals. This is purely an issue of preserving this beautiful and unique site and of making it a park for future generations," the council chairman Andrew Chudnofsky told the Daily Telegraph.

"We recognise the local residents who have a history with this park and its flora. This is part of our heritage which is important for us and our business. It's just in the wrong place."

The tree will be taken into management under a proposal put forward by the local residents, but the tree's removal may not be permanent and that it may be replaced by trees.

Residents hope that by re-planting the tree on the site, they may be able to see it for years to come.

The local residents want to hold a series of meetings to discuss where the next generation of trees can grow, what is to be planned for the site and how to bring in trees when they are available in the area. They also want to raise the money to fund the project.

They have been encouraged by the willingness of the local council to support the project, and also the involvement of other local community groups, including community groups from the towns of Burwell and Wirral and many local residents.

A spokesman for the local council said: "A tree will be planted to ensure that the tree's presence on the land on which it grows can be kept as long as possible as an act of respect to the trees which grow on the site and their historical value. We understand that these tree's may not go on the land long enough to be considered a heritage value and will be kept until the required period has elapsed."

Some trees have already been planted and some have yet to be planted, as they do not know where the next to last tree will be.

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Teen shot in rifle mishap at San Bernardino

Moms who have seen their children become targets on Facebook after Facebook is updated

Dramatic pictures of mother holding newborn, father holding infant son have parents scrambling to find more info

Dramatic photos of mom holding newborn, father holding infant son have parents scrambling to find more info

The video was taken from inside a parked car on a quiet residential street on Thursday, one day after a gunman in a car had opened fire in San Bernardino.

'I had my daughter outside last evening for the first time today. It seems like everyone's looking at this and they're watching it,' the mother who gave her name as Noreen wrote to The Washington Post, adding that her daughter is 'all smiles.'

"If there was a shooter, what would he do to my kid? What would he do to my young girl?" she said, according to the Daily Mail Online. 'I would hope and pray that our society is not too far gone that it's a culture that's so much like our culture that's so violent that people like it.'

Her child, who works for a private agency and has no family connections, was not hurt in the incident, but authorities are investigating the incident.

The video was taken from inside a parked car on a quiet residential street on Thursday, one day after a gunman in a car had opened fire in San Bernardino

The mother who gave her name as Noreen wrote to The Washington Post, adding that her daughter is 'all smiles'

On Monday, social media users posted photos of their children with their faces covered in bandages, which caused police to urge parents to stop and wipe their kids clean as a precaution.

One woman uploaded her daughter and her baby's faces to Facebook on Monday morning showing their bruises, according to Daily Mail Online.

'My kids are all the same age, just born on the 21st,' the mother said in the post. 'We have nothing to do with politics. I have never had such a nice conversation with my baby.'

There was no immediate word on whether the man who opened fire on the San Bernardino campus was Muslim.

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